The Whole World Mobilizing

General André Cox dreams of an Army where every officer, soldier, adherent, employee, youth and child is actively mobilizing: to spread the good news of the gospel, to reach out in practical ways, to minister to the needs of our communities and to daily put our faith into action. Building on the momentum of The Whole World Praying, The Whole World Reading and the Boundless Congress, The Whole World Mobilizing campaign launched on January 12, 2017. This campaign, under the leadership of Commissioner Rosalie Peddle, is a motivating force to inspire, train and equip Salvationists to continue to be locally mobilized in mission, to celebrate what is already being done and to bring a sense of unity around The Salvation Army world.


Where is The Salvation Army Mobilizing?

Follow The Salvation Army canteen as it mobilizes across Georgia!



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