Tormenta FC Dedicates Match to Raise Funds for The Salvation Army to Help Statesboro Residents

South Georgia Tormenta FC returns to their home field at Erk Russell Park, 1226 Malecki Dr in Statesboro on September 4 at 8 p.m. for a soccer match against their rivals Greenville Triumph FC. This game will help to raise funds for The Salvation Army (TSA) to aid those most in need in the Statesboro area. 

A percentage of each ticket purchased will be donated to TSA which has served Savannah and the Coastal Empire for over 120 years. This local nonprofit offers services in adult rehabilitation, basic needs, emergency disaster relief, emergency financial assistance, housing and homeless services, hunger relief, and youth care. Funds raised from this Labor Day weekend game will help The Salvation Army to continue responding to crucial needs in the community.

“We are so grateful to Tormenta FC for thinking of our organization during…

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Cadets of Salvation

Four addicts on the brink of self-destruction claw their way back to civilization — enduring countless stints in rehab, multiple relapses back into addiction and several overdoses. The program that saved their lives might just ring a bell.

You likely know the Salvation Army most from the infamous Christmas Kettle manned by volunteers during the holiday season. In Savannah and in communities around the South and the nation, those dollars raised help fund community centers like the one on Montgomery Street that is a lifeline for the Coastal Empire’s homeless and destitute.

“You get so used to the world letting you down, you lose hope. The folks at the Salvation Army brought me in and wouldn’t let go until I believed in hope every day,” said Shane Pritchard, one of the…

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The Salvation Army Raises Nearly $107,000 from Virtual Ambassador’s Ball

The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) celebrated their 120-year anniversary of serving the greater Savannah community and successfully raised $53,468.11 from their virtual Ambassador’s Ball fundraiser last night, Aug. 25, through monetary donations and funds raised through the online auction. These funds were doubled by the generosity of an anonymous donor who matched all donations made creating a grand total of $106,936.22, which will go to support the organization’s programs and services in the Coastal Empire. 

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, this traditional annual fundraising event was transformed into an on-air telethon and variety show in partnership with local NBC affiliate, WSAV-TV. The original fundraising goal for this year’s Ambassador Ball was $50,000 to help offset necessary…

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Savannah readies ‘Virtual Ball’ fund-raising telethon

The Salvation Army in Savannah, Georgia, in past years has rented a big ballroom and invited upwards of a 150 people to its annual gala, a formal fundraiser with a catered dinner, inspiring speakers, uplifting music and a silent auction.

There will be no ballroom or dinner in 2020, given the restrictions on social gatherings due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. But the fundraiser – renamed “The Ambassador’s Ball” this year to honor volunteers, donors and supporters who serve as Salvation Army ambassadors – must go on.

“We sat down and said, what do we do in light of COVID-19?” said Samantha Greder, special events coordinator for The Salvation Army in Savannah. Obviously, the event would have to be virtual.

“The idea of a variety show and telethon formed,” Greder said. “Our PR team has great connections with musicians. We did…

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FULL: Salvation Army Ambassador’s Ball Telethon

The Salvation Army of Savannah, in partnership with WSAV, found an exciting new way to present its annual fundraiser, The Ambassador’s Ball. Because of the pandemic, for the first time ever, the event transformed into a virtual telethon in a variety show format, hosted by News 3’s Tina Tyus-Shaw and Patty Turner, host of The Bridge.

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Salvation Army Ambassador’s Ball Telethon to air on WSAV

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – The Salvation Army of Savannah, in partnership with WSAV, is planning an exciting new way to present its annual fundraiser, The Ambassador’s Ball.

Because of the pandemic, the event has been transformed into a virtual telethon in a variety show format to be aired on August 25 from 8 to 9 p.m. on WSAV.

The Salvation Army Ambassador’s Ball Telethon will feature several entertainment acts, such as local folk-rock band, Danielle Hicks and The Resistance, La Bodega Man, Savannah VOICE Festival artists Scott Joiner and Jessica Fishenfeld, American Traditions Vocal Competition (ATC) Gold Medalists Mikki Sodergren and Kim Michael Polote, and Phantom of the Opera star Carlton Moe. Interviews with…

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Cortney – A Savannah Women’s Shelter Story

SAVANNAH, GA (July 20, 2020) – It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant rise in fear and uncertainty. For our neighbors in need, this added stressor only increased their already-existing struggles, causing even more panic and worry.

Cortney is one of those individuals. Cortney found herself at The Salvation Army of Savannah’s women and children’s shelter late this past February feeling lost and experiencing familial challenges. With the added fear of the upcoming pandemic, she did not know what the future held and decided it was time to ask for help.

“I was going through a rough time with my kids,” she said.

The choice to turn to The Salvation Army for help was a logical one for Cortney, as she had a longstanding relationship with them from both a donor and client standpoint. During her childhood, she and her parents often filled bags with clothes that they had outgrown and donated them to their local Salvation Army. As an adult, she participated in The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program, which helped low- to moderate-income families – such as hers – ensure a disappointment-free Christmas morning with presents under the tree.

“The Salvation Army has always blessed my kids with a Christmas that I couldn’t afford,” said Cortney.

With such pleasant memories of The Salvation Army, she felt like reaching out again was the right call.

After arriving at the shelter, things began to fall in place. Feeling safe and secure, she blossomed within the shelter’s programs, which had a focus on learning crucial life skills and exploring her budding passions. She now feels like she has the tools and motivation to get herself and her children back on their feet and achieve their goals.

“The Salvation Army has been helping me focus better, work harder and save money, so when I get back out there on my own, I can maintain,” said Cortney. “I want to go to school. I want to go to Savannah Tech and get my commercial driver’s license and eventually open up my own business: a truck business.”

A few months ago, she did not think these aspirations could ever become a reality, but now she realizes that with a stable environment, the right aid, and hard work, anything is possible. Because of her ongoing success, she is encouraging others to speak out if they feel stuck.

“Don’t be afraid to take a helping hand. It’s not the end of the world,” she said. “If you need [The Salvation Army], come. They can help you.”

Stewart Huston Charitable Fund Donates $20,000 to Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) has received a generous donation of $20,000 from the Stewart Huston Charitable Trust to contribute to the urgently needed renovation of the roof of TSA’s Community Center on Savannah’s Bee Road.  

The roof of this 27-year-old building is in a serious condition of decay and is impacting on its future as a safe gathering place. During the pandemic, the community center was used as an additional shelter for homeless families and as an additional feeding center for children. The Community Center also serves as recreational space for TSA shelter residents and those in The Salvation Army’s free rehabilitation program which helps those facing the challenges of drug and alcohol abuse rise above their circumstances. The Community Center plays a vital role in…

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Anonymous Donor Provides $70,000 to Support the Work of Salvation Army

The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) has received a generous donation of $70,000 from an anonymous donor to support the organization’s vital work in our community. COVID-19 has hit the Savannah region very hard with record levels of unemployment and school closures compounding existing issues of affordable housing and child care. The Salvation Army is providing housing, food, as well as spiritual and practical care for local individuals and families suffering economic and social hardships.

The Salvation Army has served greater Savannah for…

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Toyota/Lexus Minority Owners Dealership Association Partners With Salvation Army

On Friday, May 22, Toyota/Lexus Minority Owners Dealership Association (TLMODA) partnered with Chatham Parkway Toyota and The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) to provide over 200 food packages to local senior citizens during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Chatham Parkway Toyota and TLMODA have partnered with The Salvation Army across the country to donate $10,000 for food items to feed seniors in need.

As people over the age of 65 are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, The Salvation Army identified the urgent need to provide food for senior citizens who are…”

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