Pathway of Hope offers targeted help for families…

Pathway of Hope offers targeted help for families…

Local Salvation Army Officials will be undergoing training for the new Pathway of Hope Program, which seeks to help committed families find their way out of poverty.


Salvation Army campaign coming to Newnan

Whole-World-Mobilizing-Logo-WWMMay 7, 2017 (NEWNAN, GA) – The Salvation Army’s Whole World Mobilizing campaign is coming to Newnan next week.

The mobilizing march involves transporting a Salvation Army flag and a canteen. “The canteen and the flag are traveling all around the state,” said Larry Repass, chairman of the local Salvation Army Advisory Council and – with his wife Evelyn – a longtime Salvation Army missionary in South America.

On Monday, Flat Creek Baptist Church will help feed residents at the StayLodge. Church members will also pray with the residents.

The Salvation Army’s Newnan Service Center is putting together a visit to the Grantville Senior Citizens Center on Tuesday. Food and care packages will be given to each participant.

“I’ve got large-print Bibles to leave with them,” said Heather Creech, director of the Newnan Salvation Army Service Center.

On Wednesday, a prayer service and lunch will be held at a local fire station. Firefighters there will be presented with copies of “Chicken Soup for the Soul Salutes America’s Heroes.”

Information provided by the Salvation Army described Whole World Mobilizing as “a united and intentional effort to share the gospel in every neighborhood.” A goal is to move local Salvation Army members and volunteers out of their buildings and “out into their neighborhood.”

Beginning in March, the flag began its march across the Georgia Division. The first stop was in Valdosta from March 6-8, and the last stop is at Divisional Headquarters in Atlanta from Aug. 10-12.

The project was in LaGrange before coming to Newnan, and Griffin is the next stop.

“The idea is to get outside our four walls, to get out in the community and to educate people on what our mission is,” Jim Morrow, service extension director, told members of the Newnan Advisory Council at a recent meeting.

Longtime advisory council member Bette Hickman, after hearing about Whole World Mobilizing, described it as “a brilliant idea.” She talked about the effort and the involvement of each community in planning events.

“That’s very exciting,” Hickman said. “I love that creativity.”

“The object is to proclaim Jesus’ name in the communities we serve,” Evelyn Repass said.

Article from The Newnan Times-Herald

Calhoun, Cornwell honored for years of service

Newnan-HonoreesApril 21, 2017 (NEWNAN, GA) – Dr. Robert Calhoun and Cecil Cornwell have been honored by the Salvation Army for their years of service as members of the Newnan advisory council.

Calhoun and Cornwell received plaques during the Salvation Army’s Newnan Service Center annual banquet on March 17. Calhoun received the lifetime member designation, and Cornwell was named council member emeritus at the luncheon at Wesley Woods of Newnan-Peachtree City.

Longtime board member Bette Hickman spoke, calling Cornwell and Calhoun “two special people who have both been on our board more than 15 years each.” She added, “They both worked very diligently.”

Hickman said Cornwell has been involved with many Salvation Army projects – including digging trenches at the service center to help rectify a drainage issue.

Calhoun was the advisory council’s treasurer for several years. “He has been a good steward over looking over our finances,” Hickman said.

“That’s extended service. That’s invaluable service to the Salvation Army,” said Major Todd Hawks, commander of Metropolitan Atlanta Area Command.

Top bell ringers during the Christmas season were also recognized. The Red Kettle Drive each Christmas brings in funds that are used to help local families.

Terry Schroeder, the top bell ringer, collected $6,330.97. Bob Langley, second place, collected $2,099.39, and Bill Querry, third place, collected $1,896.67. All three are members of White Oak Golden K. The club’s collections totalled $22,121.61.

“I can’t say enough about these bell ringers,” Hickman said.

Article from The Newnan Times-Herald

Salvation Army bell ringers needed

newnan-christmasNEWNAN, GA (December 9, 2016) – The ting-a-ling of a Salvation Army bell ringing is one of the unmistakable signs of Christmas.

You can be a part of this Christmas tradition between now and Christmas Eve in Coweta.

The Salvation Army has permission to post bell ringers at a number of local stores, but many of the shifts go unmanned because of a shortage of bell ringers, according to Heather Creech, director of the Newnan Salvation Army Service Center.

Shifts are available at all three Kroger stores, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Sam’s Club, Belk and JCPenney. Walgreens could also be a Salvation Army collection site, but there haven’t been enough volunteers to man that location, Creech said. A new location this year is Golden Corral, but it is well-staffed with volunteers.

Solo bell ringers should be at least 18, though teens 16 and 17 may ring in pairs. There can be up to two bell ringers at a time at a given location, Creech said.

Ideally, shifts of bell ringers are on site from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, but many locations aren’t fully manned.

To volunteer, you can just show up at the Newnan Service Center at 670 Jefferson Street, pick up your apron, kettle and bell, and head out for a two-hour shift. The center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Or you can set up your volunteer shift by calling 770-251-8181 or emailing

Creech said some of her best volunteers are church groups that will man an entire day’s shift at one location. Local businesses can also get together and volunteer.

Volunteers are welcome – and encouraged – to bring their pets or small children and to sing, dance, or play an instrument.

“Bring the kids and let them ring with you,” Creech said, who said donations are always better when there are children, pets, or people performing. “The more of that happening, the better the kettle.”

Donations are also down this year, not only in Coweta but around the country. Creech said they are about two days’ worth of donations behind.

“We started early so we should be ahead, but we’re not,” she said.

The three local Kroger stores and Walmart are the best locations for donations, Creech said, so manning them is the priority. The Kroger at Thomas Crossroads is the highest grossing Kroger in the whole Southeast for the Kettle Drive, Creech said.

One side of Walmart is always fully staffed by the White Oak Golden K Kiwanis Club. Terry Schroeder coordinates the club’s ringing and fills in any needed shifts.

Schroeder said he enjoys being a bell ringer.

“I think the Salvation Army does a terrific job,” Schroeder said. “And I like people. I enjoy talking to people even if they don’t give. I always say ‘Have a nice evening’ or “Merry Christmas.’”

The kettle drive is the Salvation Army’s only major fundraiser, and proceeds fund local services through the year.

This year’s goal is $70,000, Creech said. Services include helping Cowetans with rent, mortgage payments and utility bills, social services, Thanksgiving meals, sending kids to camp, Christmas gifts for needy children and the twice-weekly food pantry.

Article from The Newnan Times-Herald

Bells ringing for Salvation Army

newnan-bell-ringersNEWNAN, GA (November 30, 2016) – The annual Red Kettle campaign for the Salvation Army is under way. Bette Hickman, right, a member of the local Salvation Army advisory board, rings at Walmart along with her husband, John, and their friendly pooch, Harvey. At left is David Ingram, one of the volunteers from White Oak Golden K helping with this year’s campaign. Money collected in kettles is used by the local service center to meet needs in Coweta County throughout the year. The campaign continues in several local spots Monday-Saturday through Christmas Eve.

Article from The Newnan Times-Herald