Olive Garden Donates Unused Food to Salvation Army

A national restaurant chain is doing their part by giving back to the community. Olive Garden implemented the Olive Garden Harvest Program in 2003, donating their unused food to charity.

“That’s where we collect wholesome unused food and we donate it on a weekly basis to the local Salvation Army for their soup kitchen,” said Julie Bondurant, Olive Garden General Manager.

Each day workers box up the food and store it. “We prepare it in a to go container, we label it, the date that it was harvested and we rapidly chill it,” said Bondurant. “We put it in the freezer and we cool it as quickly as possible.”

On Tuesdays, Salvation Army workers come and pick up the meals. Read more.

The Salvation Army Augusta Honors Volunteers

The Salvation Army of Augusta, GA is celebrating 125 years of service in Georgia by honoring the volunteers who make the Army’s work possible. On Monday, January 25, The Salvation Army highlighted and thanked those who lend their time and more. to the Family Store, Red Kettle bell ringing, soup kitchen, and more. Read more.

‘My Pillow’ founder has soft spot for The Salvation Army

Mike Lindell, founder of “My Pillow,” has a soft spot for The Salvation Army because it helps people fight addiction.

He knows the battle well. Lindell abused heavy drugs much of his life, starting with cocaine in 1982.

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Salvation Army Red Kettles by the Numbers

It’s a classic holiday scene: Volunteers ringing bells — and sometimes singing and dancing — alongside their red kettles on city street corners.

Here are 10 facts compiled by NBC News about the Salvation Army and their iconic red kettles:

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Gold, diamonds dropped into Salvation Army kettles

Around the country, donors respond to that ringing bell in unexpected ways.

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