Georgia Salvation Army Extends Hurricane Ida Service

NEW ORLEANS, LA (September 17, 2021) – The Salvation Army is on the ground across the Gulf Coast region with a mission to feed, hydrate, and give help and hope to those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

This week, twenty-five Salvation Army officers and specially trained emergency disaster volunteers from Georgia were relieved after a 14-day deployment by a second team of fifteen volunteers from Georgia. The Georgia Salvation Army officers and volunteers have been in service in the New Orleans and Gonzalez, LA areas since shortly after Hurricane Ida made landfall on August 29. In addition, two Salvation Army officers from Georgia are serving as part of leadership teams – all will serve alongside a large contingent of Salvation personnel from many other states already serving on the ground.

“Our disaster workers, which are mainly volunteers, are our most valuable resource,” says Lanita Lloyd, The Salvation Army of Georgia’s Emergency Services Director. “We highly value their dedicated service and willingness to help those impacted by Hurricane Ida.”

Emergency disaster volunteers from Columbus, Dalton, Gainesville, Rome, Savannah, and Waycross, GA will serve in the Gonzalez, LA area, while their counterparts from Atlanta, Decatur, Elberton, Lawrenceville, and Sugar Hill, GA will serve in the New Orleans area.

The new volunteers will meet each morning with their respective Incident Management Teams to determine their daily service response areas and to load supplies onto their canteens (mobile kitchens) and other Salvation Army service response vehicles. The Salvation Army vehicles will serve hot meals, snacks, and drinks to those impacted by Hurricane Ida.

“It’s hard work and the days are long,” says Clint Poss, a Salvation Army disaster volunteer from Rome, GA, “but it is very rewarding work, and I would not take anything for this experience.”

The length of service for Salvation Army disaster personnel is normally a 14-day deployment, but The Salvation Army’s commitment to help those impacted by Hurricane Ida has no expiration date.

“The Salvation Army of Georgia teams will be helping those impacted by Hurricane Ida for as long as needed,” said Ms. Lloyd.

How You Can Help:

The best way to help survivors and relief workers is to make a financial contribution. Monetary donations allow disaster responders to immediately meet the specific needs of disaster survivors as the situation continues to be assessed.

For the latest Salvation Army emergency disaster services news related to Hurricane Ida, please visit and follow the Salvation Army disaster services team on Twitter @SalArmyEDS.

Salvation Army Goes Door-To-Door To Help Residents After Ida

Gonzales, Louisiana (September 16, 2021) – The small city of Gonzales Louisiana is known at the Jambalaya Capital of the World and is located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. When Hurricane Ida roared out of the Gulf of Mexico on August 29, hurricane force winds and heavy rain caused significant damage and power outages to the community. As soon as the storm passed, The Salvation Army was in the area to help meet immediate needs of residents. Teams will continue response operations to help local residents recover as long as needed.

Salvation Army officer Captain Dakarai Darby is on the ground in Gonzales, serving on an emergency disaster response team from Decatur, Georgia. He met the pastor of a small church who told them that several members of his congregation were deeply affected by Hurricane Ida and needed assistance but were not able to go out to get help. Captain Darby knew what he had to do next.

“We decided the only way we could make sure all people could get help is to bring our services to the people,” Captain Darby said. “A couple of us began knocking on doors to check on people and to make sure anyone and everyone who needed help got it. That’s how we met Brian.”

Brian is an older gentleman who lives alone and had a terrible time riding out the storm. He had been without food and water for over a week when the team met him. They delivered supplies to Brian and continued to check in on him to make sure he had everything he needed. Initially, Brian was very quiet and reserved, yet as Captain Darby continued to check on him, he began to share stories and tell jokes.

On a most recent visit, Captain Darby was able to pray with Brian, who said he was very grateful for the compassion and friendship shown by the team. When asking Captain Darby what it means to him to be able to go out and serve, Captain Darby replied, “It is a blessing to be able to spread the love of Christ in The Salvation Army way of providing hope and a prayer.”

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The Salvation Army Responding to Tornadoes in Douglas, GA

DOUGLAS, GA (April 26, 2021) – The Salvation Army Georgia Division is responding to communities in the Douglas, GA area affected by an EF-2 tornado that hit the area Saturday night. Initial damage assessments determined 50-60 structures majorly or totally destroyed. The tornado was on the ground for 8.2 miles and had a max width of 360 yards.

Today, The Salvation Army started providing meals to those impacted and displaced by the tornado and utility workers.

We are also working with other agencies, churches, and local restaurants to help those impacted by the tornado,” said Perette…

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The Salvation Army Disaster Relief Work Continues in Georgia

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Since last Saturday, a Salvation Army Incident Management Team (IMT) has worked from The Salvation Army Service Center located in Newnan, Georgia to help those…

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NEWNAN, GA (March 29, 2021) – Hope is an amazing thing. It can take an individual or a family by the hand and lead them out of the depths of despair. It can raise up a community out of unthinkable disaster. And it can bless us with immeasurable spiritual riches in the midst of desperate times.

The Salvation Army’s Newnan Emergency Disaster Rapid Response Unit (RRU), managed by veteran Disaster Response Team Leader Steve West, was strategically stationed at a critical crossroad in Newnan, GA in the midst of the destructive residue caused by…

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The Salvation Army Georgia Division Responding to Tornadoes

ATLANTA, GA (March 26, 2021) –

The Salvation Army Georgia Division Responding to Tornadoes

The Salvation Army Georgia Division is responding to communities affected by storms following Thursday night’s destructive tornadoes. Two tornadoes touched down in Georgia after midnight Thursday, causing significant damage, including downed trees and power lines.

In Newnan, Georgia, where upwards of 25,000 people are without power, The Salvation Army is delivering water, clean-up kits, hygiene kits, and storage bins to the hardest-hit areas and will begin serving meals to first responders Friday evening. Salvation Army staff and volunteers are standing by and ready to begin mass feedings of affected communities if and when requested. The Newnan Salvation Army is equipped with…

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Salvation Army aiding recovery effort in Polk County

The Salvation Army in Rome is continuing to respond to a tornado that struck in neighboring Polk County Thursday afternoon, offering lunch and hydration for emergency responders Friday.

Lt. Paula Blevins said her group also took food, snacks, and hydration, distributed tarps, and provided emotional and spiritual care to those affected by these storms.

“We continue to fully and carefully review and evaluate the situation,” Lanita Lloyd, director of emergency disaster services for The Salvation Army of Georgia Division, said…

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