Salvation Army red kettle campaign goes virtual amid pandemic

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) — From help with virtual learning to providing food for those in need, the Salvation Army of Metro Atlanta has been busy.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, really in March for example the South Asian Lantern just in the Metro Atlanta area have distributed almost a half million pounds of food,” said Major Bob Parker, Salvation Army area director.

And the demand for…

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The Salvation Army Raises Nearly $107,000 from Virtual Ambassador’s Ball

The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) celebrated their 120-year anniversary of serving the greater Savannah community and successfully raised $53,468.11 from their virtual Ambassador’s Ball fundraiser last night, Aug. 25, through monetary donations and funds raised through the online auction. These funds were doubled by the generosity of an anonymous donor who matched all donations made creating a grand total of $106,936.22, which will go to support the organization’s programs and services in the Coastal Empire. 

Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, this traditional annual fundraising event was transformed into an on-air telethon and variety show in partnership with local NBC affiliate, WSAV-TV. The original fundraising goal for this year’s Ambassador Ball was $50,000 to help offset necessary…

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The Salvation Army of Savannah Partners with Local Organizations To Meet Increasing Community Needs

Savannah, GA (August 25, 2020) – With COVID-19 still rampant, thousands of Savannah residents continue to struggle to find food and shelter. For many of them, local non-profits are what they depend on for a warm meal and a bed.

Organizations like United Way and Inner City Night Shelter had been working overtime with the sudden increase of homeless and hungry people. And with the added responsibilities of caring for both COVID-positive and healthy clients, coordinating logistics and finding the manpower to meet these new demands became a challenge. The most effective approach to meet this rising demand was to partner with other community organizations like The Salvation Army of Savannah to help with food preparation, meal delivery, and utility/rental assistance.

“We love working with other agencies, and it’s wonderful to know that other organizations view us as a dependable partner,” said Social Services Director Linda James of The Salvation Army of Savannah. “By partnering with other organizations, we’re able to extend our reach and touch the lives of so many more people in a positive way – whether that be through a nutritious meal, a place to sleep, or a paid electrical bill.”

In the last two weeks, The Salvation Army of Savannah opened its shelter doors to house additional clientele, prepared 50-60 meals per day for public evening dinners, and delivered food to the COVID-positive clients who were housed in hotels; and no one has plans of stopping any time soon.

“We’re continuing to respond to requests in the community – as well as preparing for hurricane season – amidst these additional COVID-19 efforts,” said James. “It’s been non-stop since day one, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

Got Milk?

Got Milk? Well, because of COVID-19, the unfortunate answer for a large portion of Georgia families is “no.” A little-known fact of this pandemic is that there’s a widespread milk deficit in American households; as pay cuts and unemployment rates increase, families are struggling to buy nutritious food for themselves and their loved ones.

To help address this ongoing need, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed a Farmers to Families Food Box program, in which fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and meat products will be sent to food banks, community-oriented and/or faith-based organizations, and other non-profits helping those in need. Through this initiative, a representative from Borden Dairy contacted The Salvation Army of Georgia to discuss a potential partnership to provide milk to struggling Georgians.

The partnership was an instant success, and it soon became a national Salvation Army initiative.

“Learning about the widespread, urgent demand for milk was mind-boggling and eye-opening,” said Assistant Emergency Disaster Services Coordinator Tyra Gore of The Salvation Army Southern Territorial Headquarters. “COVID-19 has posed a multitude of challenges for households already, so we are blessed to have the opportunity to help address this specific issue for individuals all over the nation.”

In the Georgia Division alone, there are 27 locations that are receiving and distributing up to 1,000 gallons of milk on a weekly basis. From returning clients to fresh faces, people from all walks of life show up in hopes of finding nourishment during these unprecedented times. Anyone is welcome to pick up milk; there are no requirements or proof of necessity needed – no questions asked.

“So many people are desperate in our communities,” said Captain Erik Henry of The Salvation Army of Athens, GA. “We have the incredible opportunity to provide milk and other basic necessities to our neighbors and remind them that The Salvation Army is still connected with them during these uncertain times. Any money that we can help families save will make a tremendous difference throughout the month for them.”

Specific delivery dates and times are set several days ahead of time so The Salvation Army can arrange an immediate pickup by the public just as the milk is delivered. All processes are no-touch, and most locations have implemented drive-by pickups with workers wearing masks and observing social distancing. Despite working outside in hot temperatures, every Salvation Army and Borden Dairy employee/volunteer is clad in personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

“I love seeing community partners working together for a common goal – assisting those in need, particularly children,” said Service Center Director Lisa Martin of The Salvation Army of LaGrange, GA. “And partnering with Borden Dairy for this initiative has been truly wonderful. Every Borden Dairy employee we’ve encountered has been kind-hearted, helpful, and has shared our enthusiasm for Doing The Most Good.”


Thomasville community helping those in need through ‘Project Share’

THOMASVILLE, Ga. (WALB) – The city of Thomasville is shedding light on a state-wide program to help families in the community.

Project Share, a partnership with city utilities and the Salvation Army, has been helping Georgia families since the ’80s.

The city said you can easily contribute each month through your monthly utility bill.

“People have lost work, people have had no childcare, people have gotten…

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Community fund raises $40,000 for COVID-19 relief

Responding to the loss of jobs and income due to the pandemic, Coastal Georgia residents raised more than $40,000 over the last several months for agencies and programs in Camden County.

Camden Connection, a collaborative of social service organizations, spearheaded the effort and partnered with the Communities of Coastal Georgia Foundation, which agreed to match every dollar donated.

The mayors of each city in Camden — St. Marys Mayor John Morrissey, Woodbine Mayor Kizzy Knight and Kingsland Mayor Grayson Day — also started a friendly competition among residents of those cities to help drive donations.

“Every dollar donated went directly to an organization that is working to meet the most pressing needs of our community. The fund…

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Free milk flows to The Salvation Army in Georgia

It’s not manna from heaven, but something close: Free gallon jugs of fresh milk to any household in need, courtesy of the Borden Dairy Co., the USDA and The Salvation Army.

“It’s a huge need, because our numbers of COVID-19 cases are rising, and people are afraid to go out,” said Kelley Bedore, director of The Salvation Army Service Center in Tifton, Georgia, a rural community about 180 miles south of Atlanta.

Borden, based in Dallas, Texas, was awarded a contract in May by the U.S. Department of Agriculture under its Farmers to Families Food Box Program of the Coronavirus Farm Assistance Program. The dairy will supply 700 million servings of fresh milk to qualifying nonprofits in the South and Midwest.

Twenty-nine Salvation Army corps and service centers in the Georgia Division have expressed interest in the program, according to Lanita Lloyd, divisional director of emergency disaster services. The Marietta and Thomasville corps…

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Dougherty Co. Salvation Army thrift store officially closed

ALBANY, Ga. (WALB) – Dougherty County’s only Salvation Army thrift store is now closed thanks to COVID-19.

“The store has always been going through a tough time,” said Capt. James Sullivan.

Sullivan said COVID-19 put the final nail in the coffin for the store. He said it was a heavy burden on their finances.

The store officially closed Friday.

The closure displaced…

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The Salvation Army thrift store permanently closes in Albany

After more than thirty years as part of the Albany community, The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store will be not be re-opening. The store has been closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that shutdown will now be permanent.

The first priority of the store was to raise funds to continue offering social services, disaster services and homeless outreach, but the current financial crisis, due in large part to the pandemic, has made it…

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Toyota/Lexus Minority Owners Dealership Association Partners With Salvation Army

On Friday, May 22, Toyota/Lexus Minority Owners Dealership Association (TLMODA) partnered with Chatham Parkway Toyota and The Salvation Army of Savannah (TSA) to provide over 200 food packages to local senior citizens during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic. Chatham Parkway Toyota and TLMODA have partnered with The Salvation Army across the country to donate $10,000 for food items to feed seniors in need.

As people over the age of 65 are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, The Salvation Army identified the urgent need to provide food for senior citizens who are…”

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