The Salvation Army of Savannah Partners with Local Organizations To Meet Increasing Community Needs

Savannah, GA (August 25, 2020) – With COVID-19 still rampant, thousands of Savannah residents continue to struggle to find food and shelter. For many of them, local non-profits are what they depend on for a warm meal and a bed.

Organizations like United Way and Inner City Night Shelter had been working overtime with the sudden increase of homeless and hungry people. And with the added responsibilities of caring for both COVID-positive and healthy clients, coordinating logistics and finding the manpower to meet these new demands became a challenge. The most effective approach to meet this rising demand was to partner with other community organizations like The Salvation Army of Savannah to help with food preparation, meal delivery, and utility/rental assistance.

“We love working with other agencies, and it’s wonderful to know that other organizations view us as a dependable partner,” said Social Services Director Linda James of The Salvation Army of Savannah. “By partnering with other organizations, we’re able to extend our reach and touch the lives of so many more people in a positive way – whether that be through a nutritious meal, a place to sleep, or a paid electrical bill.”

In the last two weeks, The Salvation Army of Savannah opened its shelter doors to house additional clientele, prepared 50-60 meals per day for public evening dinners, and delivered food to the COVID-positive clients who were housed in hotels; and no one has plans of stopping any time soon.

“We’re continuing to respond to requests in the community – as well as preparing for hurricane season – amidst these additional COVID-19 efforts,” said James. “It’s been non-stop since day one, but it’s absolutely worth it.”

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