Albany LIberty House director anticipates an increase in domestic violence cases due to pandemic

The Salvation Army of Albany also is continuing to offer shelter and two meals a day.

Capt. James Sullivan said the local Salvation Army closed its thrift store last week and shut down its warehouse operation.

Sullivan said the organization also has altered the way meals are served. Instead of eating in the dining area, meals are served outdoors, with clients keeping a safe distance between each other as food is served.

“We have seen an increase,” Sullivan said. “We’re feeding about 45 or 50 people a day, breakfast and dinner.”

The Place 4 Hope, part of the Salvation Army’s operation that offers people a place to get on the internet, make phone calls and wash clothes, also has remained open.

Employees also are screening individuals who stay at the shelter with a list of health questions and having them maintain a safe distance apart, Sullivan said.

“We’re just trying to protect people through distancing, making sure we have plenty of hand sanitizer, letting them wash their hands,” he said.

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