The Salvation Army Provides Food & Water to Fire Crews in Savannah

Firefighters and other emergency crews are finally getting some much needed rest after their heroic effort in fighting the flames at the eastern wharf construction site.

Fire crews across Chatham County say they are exhausted after working together to fight the flames at the Eastern Wharf Fire on Thursday.

At one point, Savannah Fire officials say they had 20 units fighting the flames at a fire scene that was hard to contain.

“Once it got going, it was a wind driven fire. Anytime we got a wind driven fire it makes it complicated because it pushed fire through the building very quickly and it affects our streams,” said Chief Derik Minard, Savannah Fire.

But now as they keep watch for hot spots it gives them some time to take a breath, compared to Thursday.

The Salvation Army arrived last night around 9:30 a.m. to help any fire crews who need any water or food.

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