Salvation Army to lose major revenue source after storm damage

May 9, 2017 (GARDEN CITY, GA) – Damage done in a matter of minutes will now take months to fix a much-needed revenue source for the Salvation Army of Savannah.

The Salvation Army’s Garden City store location was damaged in last week’s tornado alongside several business on Highway 80. The store was not hit by the tornado, but by the projectiles thrown when the twister hit the Advance Auto Parts store.

“We’re feeling it as an agency that normally helps people to actually be in need of ourselves this time,” says Major Phil Swyers.

Re-bar as well as concrete blocks pierced the store’s roof as well as several walls. The Salvation Army has announced the store is closed indefinitely due to the damage.

“What we’ve been told is the fire inspector came and looked at the building basically they condemned it and said that we can’t reopen until they certify all of the repairs have been made,” Swyers adds.

The store serves as one of four retail chains for the local branch. It is the second largest revenue generator for the Salvation Army of Savannah.

“For us to lose a store puts us into having problems,” Swyers says adding that, “We have four stores and so basically we’re going to be running on seventy-five percent of the income that we normally would.”

Now officials plan to move employees and volunteers to their other stores, but worry about the major loss in revenue the closing will cause. You can donate to the Army here.

“We’re grateful for any assistance any business or individuals can provide in helping us through this situation.”

Not only is the closing a financial blow, but also a detriment to Garden City neighbors who use the social services that the Army provided in the store. For now the Army will be dependent on funds from the United Way, its other stores, as well as donations.

The summer, however, is their slowest time of the year for personal donations. There is a PO box set up at PO Box 23798, Savannah GA 31403.

Article from WSAV

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