Salvation Army picks up tab for leftover angel tree children

savannah-angel-treeSAVANNAH, GA (December 15, 2016) – The Salvation Army in Savannah provides Christmas to roughly 3,000 children each year, most of which are on their angel trees.

Many children will get “adopted”, but some will not, usually because of their age. “Everyone likes different things. The older they get, the tougher it is,” Major Phil Swires said.

Major Swires said the most popular age to adopt is birth to seven-years-old, and usually girls. That leaves many older children, majority of them boys, still hanging on the trees.

However, Major Swires said they provide Christmas for every child who applies for the angel tree program, even if they are not adopted.

Parents can come shop at the donation shop at their store on Bee Road if their child did not get adopted. However, the donation shop only goes up to age twelve.

So, Major Swires said the organization will give children 13- to 17-years-old a $50 gift card to Walmart.

“That way, the child can choose exactly what it is that they want for Christmas,” he said.

He also said more families are asking for Christmas help because of Hurricane Matthew expenses. He said families did not expect to evacuate, lose wages, or restock the refrigerator.

So, he worries more children will be left hanging on the trees than last year.

They are asking the public to spare some money for a child in their neighborhood, or donate to them directly.

This weekend is the last chance to adopt an angel from a tree.

To find the nearest tree or donation store closest to you, call the Salvation Army at (912) 651-7420.

Article from FOX 28 Media

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