Salvation Army prepares to help the homeless Thanksgiving Day

AUGUSTA, GA (November 21, 2016) – This Thursday, families will come together around the dinner table for turkey, dressing, and a lot of secret family recipes. But some won’t be able to afford a big Thanksgiving feast, so places like The Salvation Army will step up to help.

When it comes to serving, Lannice Fryer does it in more ways than one.

“In whatever way we needed to assist them is what we did,” said Fryer.

And that’s what he does every day as the lead cook at The Salvation Army.

“Actually, we’re busy every day,” said Fryer.

Also busy preparing to cook eighteen turkeys on Thanksgiving Day.

“Starting at about 3:30 in the morning, and then I’ll be here until about 7 that evening,” said Fryer.

But, it doesn’t stop there.

“The work doesn’t stop. We continue 365 days a year here,” said Major Shirley Suarez, Director of Social Services.

300 meals a day. 365 days a year, and they’re still recovering from the last disaster when Hurricane Matthew brought thousands of evacuees to Augusta.

“When the hurricane comes, that’s just one thing you kind of have to just jump in, and you help where you need to help,” said Major Suarez.

“It always impacts everybody because we all are one unit,” said Fryer.

A unit that serves more than 7,000 meals a month. 1,600 people last month alone. It’s a number that continues to rise as the temperature falls.

“We see more people coming in, more people that want a hot meal, want something to kind of get the chill off,” said Major Suarez.

“But, we need volunteers every day. All year round,” said Fryer.

Serving a mission that never ends as they face challenge after challenge.

Article and video from WRDW

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